About Julia Mittelstadt


Julia-Mittelstadt-st-louis-realtorIt all began when Kilgore Trout became the first addition to the "pack" accidentally, but more so on purpose. A family I was working with ran into some difficulties while trying to find a new home for their nine month old puppy. I couldn't bear the thought of him being homeless so I decided to take him and go from there. Within minutes after arriving home, he won my heart with his longing brown eyes and endearing personality. However, it was apparent why no one else would give this dog a home. His poor legs just didn't work right. Five surgeries later, Kilgore Trout was able to walk and had an unmatched zest for life for 10 more years.

I rescued Coda Lea, a spunky canine from the Humane Society and I found Fritz Montague walking around in the middle of the pouring rain. I knew instantly that I adored them but what I didn't know was Coda is prone to seizures and Fritz had heartworm disease. However, after homeopathic therapy for Coda and heartworm treatment for Fritz, both became healthy, integral parts of the "pack." Coda is still with us, though now a bit hard of hearing. Fritz lived for another eight years after successful heartworm treatment.

My pack is ever expanding. In 2002, while walking my dogs they darted into the bushes. After I pulled them back, I noticed a kitten lying there. He had been hit by a car. Because my "pack" was there at the right time, we were able to save Linden Baines Johnson. Though he has only one eye, he is otherwise healthy and happy. Then there is Felix, my Mexican jumping bean dog. He can jump a six foot privacy fence on the smooth side, an amazing feat for a 50 pound dog.

Next came a human addition, my husband, Richie Murphy. Once Richie joined the pack, he adopted a kitten of his own, Tiki. While we were fostering a mama dog and her seven puppies, I fell in love with the mama. I cried all night when she went on a home visit. The family decided not to adopt her, so they brought her back. When I told Richie I just really, really need Miss Petey, his response was that he was not going through another night like last night, so of course we're keeping her.  Next was the foster dog that Richie couldn't let go, so now we have Bender.

The final two additions are cats, Psycho Kitty and Qelso. Psycho is appropriately named. He has been with us more than two years now and occasionally he allows us touch him. Qelso is a beautiful Flame Point Siamese mix who just wouldn't leave, so naturally we let him stay.

Most would say I go above and beyond in caring for my dogs, but because of who I am as a person, I feel that's the way it should be.

I provide the same dedication to my real estate clients. Whether you are looking for the home of your dreams in or around the St. Louis area or need the right buyer for your current home, I will go above and beyond to help you. I will walk you through the real estate process and assist you in any way I can. That's who I am.

- Julia Mittelstadt
Having been in the Real Estate business for over 19 years, I’ve learned a little something about what human beings need, too. Sometimes it means advising not to sell or buy, but if that is what I believe is best, that is the advice I will give because I’m a person first and a realtor second.